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Q. How does video therapy/telehealth work?

A. We provide video therapy through the use of HIPAA compliant programs to ensure accessibility of services while maintaining the privacy and security of client information.


Both the therapist and the client must be physically located in a state where the therapist is licensed to practice for each and every session. This means that if a client is located anywhere in the state of Georgia, any of our staff can provide services. If a client is located in Alabama or Tennessee ONLY Alena Porter is licensed to provide services. If a client is located in any other state, no one in our agency would be able to provide services. If a client is on vacation in another state the client will have to wait until they return to resume therapy.

Q. What are your policies regarding providing testimony in court?

A. This practice focuses on the treatment of mental, emotional, relationship, and sexual issues. We do not engage in forensic evaluations, legal disputes/court cases, divorce proceedings, child custody, drug screening, court ordered treatment, school meetings, perpetrator risk assessments, or evaluations for the purpose of obtaining firearms. You will be asked to sign a statement acknowledging your awareness of our policies. In the event that you now or in the future seek the services of this agency or any therapist employed by this agency to act as a representative, forensic therapist, or expert regarding your mental health or relationship issues we will remind you of our policy regarding legal or forensic testimony being outside the scope of our practice, you will be given the opportunity to procure copies of your notes and referrals will be provided.


Q. Will you provide letters to assist in the determination for workplace or educational accommodations?

A. No. This is outside the scope of our practice at this time. These letters should be provided by a psychologist and recommendations/referrals can be provided for existing clients.


Q. How do you handle treatment of minor clients with regards to privacy and confidentiality.

A. We ask that all parents sign a document granting the therapist autonomy in determining what, if any, information the parents should be told regarding their child’s treatment. IN ALL CASES parents will be informed if the minor client is engaging in self-harm, drug use, experiencing suicidal ideations or has attempted suicide, or has any intention to cause harm to others. Parents will also be notified of sexual activity if the minor is below the age of consent in the state in which the client resides. Parents WILL NOT be told content of their minor child’s therapy sessions unless that content meets one of the aforementioned criteria. The therapeutic relationship has repeatedly been proven to be more important than any specific therapeutic techniques. The therapeutic relationship will not be effective if the minor client is unable to speak freely.


Q. Do you accept insurance?

A. We currently accept Aetna, Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield, some (but not all) other Blue Cross Blue Shield plans, Georgia Medicaid (for individuals 21 years old or under), Peachcare for kids, Medicare, UHC, and United. Having health insurance with one of the aforementioned companies is not a guarantee that we can accept your specific plan's benefits. Please contact us in advance so that we can determine if we are in-network with your specific insurance plan. We cannot bill out-of-network insurance claims but we can supply you with a Superbill which you may submit for reimbursement.

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