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Do you feel like you need to talk to someone but your friends and family either don’t understand, don’t listen, or push their own agenda?

Do you feel like you are hiding or masking your true self all the time?

Do you feel anxious or scared all the time?

Are you distracted and having trouble managing everything you have to do?

Are you sad or numb and feel like you don’t care anymore?

Do you wish you liked yourself more?

Are you afraid that if you tell your friends or family what you are thinking, feeling, or going through they will judge you?


We will never judge you. Nothing you can say will ever make us think or feel negatively about you. If you feel like your past experiences are affecting your present day life and it is getting harder to manage those issues then please contact us. So many people carry guilt, shame, or responsibility for things that happened when they were children. There is no reason for you to continue carrying excess mental and emotional weight through the rest of your life. We can help lighten that emotional load. Even if you think what your experienced or what you are currently going through is “not that bad,” if something is bothering you we want to help. Many people come to therapy because they don’t have anyone else they can talk to about things that bother them without risking making other people anxious or depressed. You never have to worry about that with us. Our job is to listen to you and hold space for you to say everything that you need to say without worrying about what anyone might think or feel about it. It’s time for you to let someone take care of you because your thoughts, feelings, and needs matter. You matter.


We specialize in CPTSD, PTSD, Depression, Anxiety, ADHD, Grief, Sexual and Gender Identity, Sexual Issues, Self-esteem, Chronic Pain, Sexual Trauma.

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